The Improbable Author is the online home of Thomas A. Mays, sci-fi author and opinionated personage.  Whether you’ve seen his reviews, his short stories (available in various magazines, sites, and anthologies), wondered how and why he got a Hugo nomination and then turned it down, or you’ve been lucky enough to have read his awesome debut hard-science military sci-fi space opera A Sword Into Darkness, you’re in for a treat.  Tom shares both his informed and uninformed opinions here on topics like mainstream and independent publishing, sci-fi pop culture, TV, movies, books, short stories, religion, the news, etc.  You can also visit The Improbable Author to stay up to date on his current projects like The Mutineer’s Daughter, Echomancer, Demi-God / Dattoo, and the sequel to ASID — Lancers Into the Light.

As for Tom himself / me myself, check out the gravatar in the sidebar or below.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll follow the blog, follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and check out some of my work.  If you’ve enjoyed my stories or books, I encourage you to leave a review on your blog or on your favorite bookseller website and let me know about it over here.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Just recently purchased and read Remo, and A Sword into Darkness, on my Kindle. Enjoyed both. My mail to you is prompted by Articule in the E-newspaper “The Atlantic” under Tech.(05-15-2014).
    An Articule Called “Tiny Robot’s Farewell to Astronaut Friend”. By James Hamblin
    I don’t think that your stories will be classified as fiction much longer.
    You are scary.
    Best Regards,
    Gayle Russell

  2. I know better than to send unsolicited story ideas to writers, and I won’t do that here. If however, one wanted to gift you with an idea, not for a book, but a possible use of a technology you’ve already introduced in a book series, how would one go about that? By gift of course, I mean something you could use or ignore at you discretion, with the gift giver having no expectation of consideration or acknowledgement.

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