Environment Established!

Office 1

Office 1

Office 2

Office 2

Here it is, the office of the Improbable Author, newly completed in our new (to us) house.  I was going for a sort of English Study, but The Wife thinks I overdid the green.  I dunno.

Surrounded by all the green, by the rich red and brown woods, by a rug that simply won’t stay unrumpled, I have high hopes.  This will not only be the office of mundane bill-paying and internet browsing.  This will be a creative space.

Now I have a suitable environment for writing.  No more “douchebag at the coffee-shop working on his next novel/screenplay” for me!


Now I shall be the “douchebag at the coffee-shop taking his coffee to his new study (where he will likely work on his next novel and/or screenplay).”

See?  Personal growth!


4 thoughts on “Environment Established!

    • Thanks, Charlotte, I hope it is. Of course, it is a shared office, and open on one side completely to the hubbub of the house, so we’ll see. I may be driven back to the armchairs of my local Starbucks sooner than I think.

  1. Love the colors and decor. The only thing I don’t understand is that tiny little desk. That’s not a Hemingway desk, that’s more Jessica Fletcher/Janet Evanovich sort of affair. Go out and get a Man’s Desk already…

    • I love it too. Jen wasn’t so sure, as her house had been rampant with green growing up, so the very thought of the very first room of the house being a similar hue made her VERY suspect. I think it’s growing on her though. As for the desks, my plan had been to go giant, wood, ornate, and oooooold, but as I mentioned, it’s a shared office. Jen saw a cute little secretary’s desk at one of the many second-hand stores we’ve been haunting of late, and got it as her desk in the office (the one seen in both shots). Knowing it was a shared space and the first space someone sees upon entering the house (and seeing as I was already on thin ice with the green, and the swords, and the other manly sailor touches), I decided to go matching vice huge and ornate. So, I have the little desk with the laptop seen abutting Jen’s desk. Compromise, it’s a beautiful thang!

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