Stranger than Fiction

If you haven’t read my story, “Dreams For Sale — Two Bits!”, the following link may make even less sense than it already does.  So go check it out on the pages to the right.  I’ll wait.

No, please, I’ll be right here . . . .

All done?  Good!  Now check out this next link in a new tab:[QJ-New]&gclid=CJ2eyLaqmbkCFU1k7AodPzYAQQ#sthash.rZL85Prg.dpbs

Thank you Google Ad-Pairing Engine!  That’s basically a less-techy, New Age version of my unscrupulous protagonist’s flim-flam device.  I wonder if that’s why Google threw that up on my Gmail page.  And what’s even funnier is that my new YA urban fantasy novel Echomancer uses a plot device even closer to our friend’s Quantum Jumping technique.

Now, I’m not one to be the final arbiter of what is reality or is not reality in a metaphysical sense, but it doesn’t bode well for your existential philosophy if a second-tier sci-fi writer is using it for his playground (and I’m not exactly the first to do so).  I mean, just look at all the respect Scientology receives world-wide.

I think I’ll stick to believing in 2000-year-old, all-powerful, resurrecting carpenters who make bread and wine anti-vegan.

But that’s just me.

One thought on “Stranger than Fiction

  1. Ignorance in the physical concerning Truth and Reality are brought along with them in the discarnate state.
    Burn three pieces of charcoal in a metal container, and place three medium size garlic cloves on top of them.
    There is a wonderful science fiction story ‘ a John Collier
    story ‘ that brings this idea home.

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