Judge, he suffers from Ghettoapathy

Really wish this sort of crap didnt take place in my home state.


You may have heard this week, on this blog and many others, a controversial ruling from North Texas, regarding 16 year old Ethan Couch. The teen got behind the wheel of his father’s truck and killed 4 people including a pastor; and paralyzed a friend riding in his truck.

Judge Jean Boyd gave Couch ten years’ probation, and will assign him to a treatment center for rehabilitation for Affluenza, a condition in which Couch’s affluent lifestyle gave him a sense of entitlement and he did not know right from wrong.  Affluenza is nota condition recognized by the American Psychiatric Association.

affluenza, ethan couch, dick miller, judge jean boyd, drunk driving, teen killer, spoiled brat, S.C. Rhyne, the reporter and the girl

Dr. Dick Miller, the psychologist who defended the teen, said that he is a victim of his parents’ wealth,  of their constant arguing which led to their divorce,  and his sense of entitlement which led to irresponsibility, poor decisions, and drug use. He was unable to discern…

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