Honestly, the things I do for you people . . . .

Here I go, venturing out into the frigid, snowy climes of arctic North Carolina.  Why would I do such a foolhardy thing, putting life, limb, and the relatively clean paint-job of my truck in such terrible danger?

(Note, no snark from those of Winter, who consider four inches of snow to be a laughably light dusting!)

I’ve gotta get my winners their copies of A Sword Into Darkness in the mail before the big Launch Day tomorrow, of course!  Now, not everything with the contest has ended smoothly.  I’ve only gotten three mailing addresses for five winners, so I really hope the other two respond soon or I’ll be forced to shift their wins to other, more aware contestants.  But I can hack that.  It’s all this snow!  Where’s my global warming!  (Note to those on either side of the climate change “debate”:  This is non-issue-oriented-generic-late-night-talk-show-host snark.  PLEASE do not inundate me with diatribes on the evidence for your side of the issue.  My stance remains my stance and private for the purpose of this blog.)

So, I’m a day late with my mailings, but I’m a couple of days EARLY with my launch!  Official Launch Day for the book/e-book is still tomorrow, but impatient and eagle-eyed observers may have already noted that the ASID tile at the top-right of this blog (in desktop mode, anyways) now says BUY A SWORD INTO DARKNESS vice the earlier variations of Coming Soon.  They’ll also note that the picture leads to a new version of the ASID Novel and Gallery page, while the Amazon, Kindle, and Createspace links lead to . . . ACTUAL SALE PAGES WHERE YOU CAN BUY THE BOOK RIGHT NOW!!!  

Plus, I’ve got my very-own first public review from a real person not involved in the writing process, a lovely 5-star ode from Winchell Chung, maestro of Atomic Rockets.  Thank You, Nyrath!  If you’ve read the book, or are reading the book, or intend to read the book, first of all thank you, but secondly I’d love to hear what you thought about it and appreciate any reviews you’d care to give on the Amazon pages or the booksellers of your choice.  I’d love it even more if you liked/loved the book and gave it a favorable review and recommended it to your friends and family, but that’s up to you.

Check back tomorrow for Launch Day!  Happy Reading!!


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