This Guy Totally Gets Me

I know, I know, you’re not supposed to comment on customer reviews.  You’re supposed to be above it all, working too hard on your next piece to take note of what the hoi polloi are muttering about, but this guy, the magnificent Harold Vaughn (whom I have never met), TOTALLY gets me.  Best.  Review.  EVAR.

I enjoyed this sea story about a futuristic Space Navy developed by nerds. I have it five stars because of the good editing, the characters flowing smoothly, and the fact that Mr. Heinlein is flavoring this richly. I wish the Author Fair Winds and Following Seas

Ha, ha!  And, yes, there are other GREAT reviews written by real fans, that stoke my spirit every time I meander over there to view them, but this one is just a special kind of awesome.

Reminder:  the Countdown Deal on Amazon, offering the Kindle edition of A Sword Into Darkness for 99 cents ends today!

Now, back to writing . . . .

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