REMO – Five Entangled Tales of Science Fiction

Coming soon!  More stuff you can read by Thomas A. Mays!  This will be a themed anthology, collecting a number of my artificial intelligencea and military sci-fi short stories and should be out within the month.  The stories will include “Identity Crash”, “Tinker Bell Unbound”, “ILYAMY”, “Strategic Deployment”, and “Dogcatcher Blues”, and will be available exclusively for Amazon Kindle.  I’m not bothering with paperback for the moment.

Question?  Comments?  Thoughts on the cover?

REMO Cover 1

2 thoughts on “REMO – Five Entangled Tales of Science Fiction

  1. I just finished A Sword Into Darkness after Amazon recently recommended it to me. The idea of it initially reminded me of Rama–but definitely a much different story. As I enjoyed your novel though, you’ve earned another chance to impress me with Remo. I have always been a fan of science fiction shorts.

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