10 thoughts on “RIDING THE RED HORSE is now available!

    • I acknowledge that Vox is perhaps better known for other things (should I assume you are referring to his music career?), but in my dealings with him as an editor, and based upon the writing he shared in the anthology, he strikes me as a sharp-witted guy, that can put together a very well written tale that makes you think, that makes you worry. I fully acknowledge that he likes to push the envelope on his blog and comments, and we both know that we don’t agree on everything. And that is fine. Professionals, associates, and friends can disagree with each other on certain points and still work together and accomplish great things, which–in my opinion–this anthology is. Vox wrote a darn good story and he and Tom crafted a darn good collection. I’m pleased to be part of their inaugural volume.

      • “But my thought is that, contra the text, the world cannot have had a beginning. That which exists has always existed. It does not exist at certain times and not exist at others. And every incorruptible thing naturally has the capacity to exist always because its existence is not, due to its incorruptible nature, limited to any determinate time. Therefore no incorruptible thing sometimes is, and sometimes is not, whereas everything which has a beginning does not exist prior to its existence. So, either there are no incorruptible things to be found in the world, or no incorruptible thing ever begins to exist.”
        -from Opera Vita Aeterna.

        Definitely pseudo-intellectual.

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