In Honor of St. Valentine’s Day

Hello, Ladies . . . .

Are you ready to settle*?

Do you have low expectations in the world of love?

Then I’d like to introduce you to Tom!

He’s like the best possible mix of Peter Griffin, Captain America, and Neil Degrasse Tyson.  He’s slightly rounded, somewhat crude and obtuse, almost as funny as he thinks he is, a know-it-all who doesn’t mind letting you know it, and honorable and dependable as the day is long.  With Tom, you might not finish first, but at least you’ll finish!  Provided he’s not too tired.

Tom!  He’s presentable!  He doesn’t embarrass himself in public (that often)!  He’s financially solvent (if a little strained in the bank account)!  In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you can probably outrun him, then be able to convince yourself afterward that he slowed down on purpose as a noble, romantic gesture!

Tom!  He’s the man in charge!  Well, he works for the person in charge, and that person has a number of people above them in the chain of command, but that’s really, really close to almost being something to be proud of!

Tom!  He’s a published, bestselling author!  Well, published as in self-published, and bestselling as in using Amazon accounting tricks to hit the bestseller list for part of a whole day!  That’s right, ladies, he’s a decidedly midlist author . . . of niche science fiction . . . not represented by any major publisher!

Tom!  He’s handy around the house, when you can get him to finish a project, and you very probably won’t have to call an actual carpenter/plumber/general contractor to repair what he did!

Tom!  He’s hardly ever an asshole to you!  Not because he doesn’t have the courage of his convictions which may disagree with you, but mostly because he’s deathly afraid of dying alone!

Tom!  You can probably do better, but come on!  That shit is hard, and — believe it or not — there are actually worse choices out there!

* Note:  “settle” does not mean “settle down”.  Face it, ladies, he’s not much of a guy, but he’s still a guy!

One thought on “In Honor of St. Valentine’s Day

  1. I’ll add to that.
    Tom. He’s a handsome, witty guy and can do or make almost anything you desire in a home – I was floored by his “from scratch,” beautiful fireplace mantle. And, ladies, you will never have to worry about infidelity with him; he’s loyal to the core! He will keep you laughing all the time with his remarks and jokes. Solvency? Well, I can at least tell you that if you are Mrs Right, you will be living in the most beautiful homes. This man is a real catch! Don’t pass this opportunity up!

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