Election Insanity

So…. Yeah. 

That happened. 

I’m fairly a-political/moderate. My vote swayed nothing and the result surprised me, but it is the world we find ourselves in and I’m going to pretty much kick back and go into observer mode. Let’s see how all this plays out, hold fast to our principles, and STOP BURNING THINGS, ASSAULTING YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS, SPRAY PAINTING YOUR REACTIONARY AND/OR RACIST RHETORIC ON SHIT YOU DON’T OWN, and maybe let the process of governance work itself out like it has for a couple of hundred years (one little kerfuffle in the 1860’s notwithstanding). 

If you’d like a little pallette cleanser and another chance to have your vote counted, however, I welcome you to vote in The Writer’s Arena this week! I have a story in the Semifinal “Parents Challenge” and I’m going up against a tough competitor in the fantastic Donald Uitvlugt (yes, you can have another chance to vote FOR or AGAINST a DONALD!   😉 ).

Heres the link to the challenge. Donald has produced a story about a son reconciling with his dying superhero mom, and I wrote about a son reconciling with his dying dad while working on the existential issue of AI software bot populations. 

Enjoy, vote, and chiiiiillllllll, America. 

One thought on “Election Insanity

  1. I’m re-reading “A Sword into Darkeness” and just want to request another novel in that universe, or another military science fiction novel like that. Or a novel about the North Korean war that started “Sword”- excellent Navy action. Thank you.

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