Achievement Unlocked: One Kiloview!

This may be a pitiful milestone for the big/medium bloggers out there, but it’s a cool one for me. Just tipped over 1000 views today! Actually it was last night, but I was in an Echomancer writing fugue and could not be bothered.  

My goal now is to really earn the next 1000, 10,000, and 100,000 views.  I’ll try to keep things interesting so you’ll come back often/daily.  I’ll try to have fresh creative content on here as often as possible, whether it be a snippet of the increasingly dominating manuscript for Echomancer, new short stories like I did for “ILYAMY” and “Bumped”, or news about the ever-approaching horizon for A Sword Into Darkness‘s impending launch (such as, just got a somewhat-late, but very helpful critique from an old friend that I’m trying to figure out how to employ (the critique, not the friend–he has a real job)).

Sooo, I’m off to earn those next kiloviews and megaviews.  But not today!  Today is the Mays family Crab and Clam boil which I’ve procrastinated cleaning up for, for far too long.  Toodles and have a great weekend!

New Short Story!! “Bumped” Live for the next two weeks! – UPDATED


Thank you, again, to all the folks who contributed to “ILYAMY”.  My hope is to fix it up and get it started on the magazine rejection cycle as soon as possible.  I’ll keep you, dear reader, updated as things unfold.

And now for something completely different.  Where “ILYAMY” was straight-up SF drama and somewhat dark-ish, this new tale is a bit of frothy fun (at least my definition of it).  “Bumped” is an old-school adventure yarn.  Were I forced to pigeon-hole it, I’d classify it as a mad-scientist romance / gadget caper.  If that’s your thing (and how could it NOT be?), I think you’ll get a kick out of it.  It had a little-seen previous version on Baen’s Bar, but I excised about 2000 words and punched it up quite a bit.  It’s now a good bit funner.

As with the last short story in progress, this’ll be up for a couple of weeks and then it will vanish from the internets in order to find its way to a paying market.

Let me know what you think!  Happy Reading!!

“ILYAMY” Live For the Next 10 Days (or so) – UPDATED

Here you go, a new story from the Improbable Author:

It’ll be up for the next 10 days or so, and I am actively looking for your comments, critiques, questions, kudos, etc.  You can either e-mail me or post a comment here or on the story (I’m easy, whatever works for you).

After that, I’ll pull it down, polish it, and it’ll make the magazine acceptance/rejection rounds.  Slushpiles ho!

And, again, this story is dedicated to the memory of Jackie Price Dunn.  I’m not sure if I ever shared my stories with her before her tragic accident.  She was a beautiful soul.  I’m sure my work would have been all the better for her input.

Jackie, hope you enjoy it up there on your cloud, between eternal bike rides.


UPDATE:  ILYAMY has expired and is now down.  Thank you all for the many comments and suggestions.  I’m now tweaking it and will be sending it to the various magazines, where I hope it finds a happy, pro-published home.  If you get a hankering to read it before you can see it in a pay setting, just drop me a line.  I’m always looking for feedback!