Oh, Canada

Hey there, neighbours to the north, sharers of the North American continent, hockey hosers, Quebecois, and just really swell Canadians all. (As well as all of you US citizens/Americans that love the Kobo device and site.) A Sword Into Darkness is now LIVE at Kobo! It’s currently like 1008 on the sci-fi list there, SO GO AND BUY IT. Make it like number 50 or number 20, maybe even number 1! That’s all I ask.

Time to crack open a Molson.

Happy Monday

Morning, all!

I’ve made 3 kids’ lunches, baked fresh cinnamon rolls, approved the A Sword Into Darkness epubs for Kobo and Smashwords, and had a nice fresh cup of coffee.

What the heck have you done, lazy?


Still on the agenda for today: track the sales for last week, set up a new business account, finish some Honey-Do list yard work, kiss my beautiful wife, pay bills, edit and send out “Bumped” to a new market, write “The Commuter” for the Baen contest, and work out.

Bets on how much of that I’ll actually get done begin . . . now!