New Submissions

So, took a break from the continuous quest that is ASID.

Remember “Bumped” and “ILYAMY”?  Those suckers are out there now, in the wild and woolly marketplace.  I went for the gold this time.  Looked at the big Short Story Hugo winning mags and just threw caution to the wind.

Idiom question:  If you throw caution to the wind, and the wind shifts, do you get a face full of caution?

Anyways, “ILYAMY” went to Clarkesworld and “Bumped” went to Asimov’s.  In retrospect, I probably should have flipped those, but when the inevitable rejections come in, I can try it the other way.  And then work my way down the lists of magazines until I’m eventually Kindle-ing them for 99 cents out of desperation.

Sorry, went fatalistic there for a moment.

Of course, I didn’t totally divorce myself from the ASID marketing drive.  Still awaiting manna from heaven (a Baen buy), but tweaked the cover yet again, went through and fixed a bunch of small continuity and grammar edits in the manuscript, and queried some local bookstores, writer’s groups, and the Hampton Roads Writer’s Guild in order to develop some contacts.  Gotta work on my schmoozing face.

Have a great weekend, and I’m off to work on the lawn!

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