Clarkesworld:  A very tough — but VERY QUICK — nut to crack.

So, they did not avail themselves of “ILYAMY” after a mere three days, but that’s okay.  I’ll try that one again later with a different story (and be ready for the whiplash that follows).

Undeterred, I did a little better market research and resubmitted ILYAMY to some new avenues (all those pros and semi-pros accepting the dreaded “simultaneous submissions”).  These include my personal fave Baen’s Bar and the Grantville Gazette Univere Annex, as well as Buzzy Mag and a couple of anthologies which I’ve never sent stories in to.  We’ll see how the shotgun approach works.  If the story doesn’t find a home with them, I’ll go back to the one-magazine-at-a-time route and try for the traditional big names.

BTW, I really love the Duotrope site for market research.  Very well done and much better than the scatterbrained and never updated free sites.  It’s worth the small annual investment.

AAANNNNNDDD, I’ve completed the latest ASID revs and no proofs are ready to ship.  Meeting tomorrow night with a local writer’s guild guy.  We’ll see if we can network that into some eventual marketing resources.

Oooh, I’ve got so many irons in the fire!


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