Projects Update!

Or, “Tom’s Not Just a One Trick Pony”.  I am, in fact, a pony of many tricks, not to mention exquisite breeding.  I have nothing to prove!

A Sword Into Darkness — Keeping with the pony metaphor, this is not yet a dead horse.  Though my newness on Amazon has faded like the ardor of young love, I’m on the verge of a bunch of stuff.  In May, you shall see ASID going wide, releasing on ePub at Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, Apple, Sony, etc.  Many folks don’t ever use Amazon, so there’s a whole demographic out there still to reach.  Additionally, there’s the audiobook version (which still awaits my approval, grumble, grumble).  Plus there’s the long shot of me winning the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

REMO — The cover is approved!  I’m making my last edits, awaiting those cover files, and then its KDP Select and Amazon exclusivity til August.  I hope you’ll each check it out!

“The Rememberists” — My short story heading to Daily Science Fiction.  Awaiting the contract and final proof now.  I have no idea when it will get emailed out or post on their site, but I’ll keep you updated.

Echomancer — My young adult urban fantasy.  Still stuck at 1/3 completion.  I got to a great scene, upheaval in life happened, and I lost the thread.  I STILL wanna finish it, and I think it’s good, but I’m just not in that mode right now.

Lancers Into The Light and A Shield Before Shadows — My two planned sequels for ASID, these are still in the outlining phase, LITL more so than ASBS, which is just a twinkle in my eye at this point.  The clamoring continues for an ASID sequel, now I just gotta get it done.

“ASID – The Game” — The app-based tabletop tactical RPG I’m doing with my friend and game designer Nathaniel Torson.  I’m 2/3 through my contribution to the game guide.  He’s formulating mechanics based upon that guide, and once it is playable, will still have to build the app that will handle all the calculations, vectors, and dice-rolling.  It’s the next generation of geekery!  Stay tuned for Kickstarter-type info.

My SEEKRIT PROJEKT — Kind of a way to blow off steam between self-assigned writing assignments, this is another indeterminate young adult book, this time from a sci-fi perspective.  Working title is Co-Pilot.  Back copy is:  Cassie Briggs is NOT the Chosen One.  She’s closer to being the Random One, and that doesn’t bode well for the human race.  Stumbling across a power men would kill to obtain, poor, naive, troubled Cassie must discover its capabilities and limits on her own.  And whether this force is angelic, demonic, both, or neither, her choices could very well redefine existence for us all.

Aaaaaand other stuff.  My friends always yell at me for having too many projects running at once, which along with the Day Job and Family, means I often don’t finish them.  Well, I am a re-invigorated man and I vow to complete one and all (eventually)!

We’ll just pray that sticks.

3 thoughts on “Projects Update!

  1. Just a note for sequels to ASID.

    Always keep in mind the Advanced G20 nations when world building close to our timeline. They have Money, Infrastructure, Large Militaries and Technology. In other words,, Clout.

    Unless something Radical happens in the next 30 years, South Korea/Japan/China produce roughly 87% of all shipping tonnage in the world. Everything from Mega Super Large Tankers to 100 ton commercial fishing boats. More importantly they have the cranes and slips, the foundries and the infrastructure. The Hyundai Ulsan yard by itself is launching 10 Megatons a year. That’s 82 120Kton ships a year, basically a Nimitz class carrier hull every 4 days.

    One of my Pet Peeves in science fiction are authors that underestimate the industrial capacity of Earth. I had this discussion with Ringo a few years back, with the world Automotive manufacturing capacity why not build a light weight gun carrier? Driver, Gunner, heavy barreled M60, 5000 rounds. 3 million a year for 5 years, kill rate of 200 to 1? 30 million teen drivers and gunners could kill 3 Billion Posties just in the US alone. His answer, what would be the fun in that?

    Production delays and technology sharing delays are valid in ASID, but not so much for the following books unless events occur right afterwards. If there’s a year long lull, Earth industry is going to pumping out a hella lot of warships, not to mention commercial vessels as well.

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