A Sword Into Darkness – Kindle Daily Deal for 17Apr!

Retweet! Forward! Share! A Sword Into Darkness is only 99 ¢ in the good ol’ US of A today!!!  Go there now, buy it for yourself, buy it for a friend, buy it as a hedge against inflation, buy it for someone you don’t even know and Pay It Forward! Then after you’ve bought it for that reason, BUY IT FOR ALL THE OTHER REASONS AGAIN.

I’m basically not gonna stop until Amazon’s servers are all tied up, everyone has the book, and I have all the money.  Simple enough goals, I think.

Kindle Daily Deal

4 thoughts on “A Sword Into Darkness – Kindle Daily Deal for 17Apr!

  1. Dear sir (well ok, I didn’t know what to call you…I did the math…USN officer, 18+ years…is that CDR or dare I say, >CAPTparticularbusiness< of writing as well, an even more encouraging thing to note, and yet another indication of your future success.
    Hadley Reed
    Col, USAF, Sr Flight Surgeon

    • Thank you, Colonel. You honor me, sir. I don’t talk about the Day Job here, but you had it pegged right the first time. Had a couple of years enlisted as an Electrician’s Mate in the Nuke training program before going to the Dark Side as a conventional Surface Warfare Officer. I drive ships and scribble words. Now, Flight Surgeon? That’s truly impressive.

  2. ASID was a very enjoyable read. Handsomely executed. But if UT Arlington is the “most apathetic commuter school in East Texas,” I’ll eat my Stetson. _North_ Texas, CDR Mays. Land of Eisenhower, not Land of Alligators. It’s a thing. 🙂 Carry on!

    • Challenged! I will have to bow to your superior experience. When I was there we usually referred to ourselves as bring in East TX, but the border between the two is sorta muddy. 🙂 And thank you for the compliment! Glad you enjoyed it.

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