Sci-Fi Anarchy in the UK!!!

No foolin’!  This weekend, from March 29th to April 1st (April Fool’s Day), the Amazon Kindle edition of A Sword Into Darkness is only a pence less than a POUND STERLING!!!

It’s the United Kingdom’s turn to have a Kindle Countdown Deal, so you can spend a mere 99 pence … 99 p … £ 0.99 … less than tea and crumpets … less than fish and chips … yes, for far less than her Majesties’ tinder of snuff, you can have my acclaimed, bestselling novel in handy electronic format.  Guvnah.  Here’s the Amazon UK link.

Is that racist/statist?  I dunno.  For less than a single Amazon Instant download of an episode of Doctor Who from the Beeb (the BBC, not Justin Bieber, I have no idea how much he charges for quirky sci-fi), you can have hours to days (depending on reading speed and available time on the loo) of kick-ass American outer space imperialism adventure.  Adventure which features a British space warship squadron in the awesome climax (spoiler!).  C’mon, you can’t beat that with a riding crop (which you have because you’re going fox hunting).

Let’s see, let’s see, what other stereotypes can I shoehorn in here . . . OH!  I would be honoured if thou wouldst try mine novel!  Hmmmm.  That was kind of a mix of the Queen’s English and bad faux-Shakespeare.  Anyways, Big Ben is ticking, my dear Scots, Brits, Welsh, and N. Irish.  Don’t let the deal of the centuryyearmonth, long weekend pass you by!!!

Spread the word!  How do you say “viral” in English?

ASID Front Cover UK

Note:  Everything I know about the UK is from CGP Grey:

Hello, World

Wordpress World 29Aug2013

For you WordPress bloggers out there, this pic will look somewhat familiar. Yours may have more colors in more countries, but this is mine so far, and I’m justifiably proud and excited about it.

For those not in the knowage, this is the visual representation of your blog’s readership around the globe.  As a American blogger, you can see I hit the USA well, followed closely by our nicer-in-numerous-ways neighbor Canada.  I also get a little love across the pond from my nation’s progenitor, Jolly Old England/Great Britain/The United Kingdom (honestly, you guys have the most diverse sense of boundaries on what you include in your polity — as a former grand empire, your borders are downright confusing — check out for an in-depth explanation). Then there’s the others.

I can get the EU countries.  I’ve been to Europe a few times (LOOOOVE IT!).  You guys speak and read English much better than I speak and read your various languages and dialects, so WELCOME TO THE IMPROBABLE AUTHOR (ugly Americanism requires me to speak loudly to dang furiners in order to brute force the language barrier).  I cast my appreciation and respect to Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Romania.  My goal is to physically get to those of you I haven’t stepped foot in yet (Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy), so keep the visits coming.  New contest:  whichever country visits the most gets my sweet American tourism dollars and my wide-eyed, bubbly wonder next!

The site visits that surprise my provincial expectations (pleasantly, mind you) are the outliers that I wouldn’t have expected: India, Macao, Israel, Argentina, Antigua and Barbuda.  I’m not sure if I’m only speaking to spambots that pepper my comment queue, but I’m hoping y’all are genuine fans.  That would be awesomely amazing.  I would love it if my blog posts and my stories (and hopefully my upcoming novel) would reach a wider audience.  Not the countries I would have expected a visitation from, but all are welcome here.

Now, how do I get some love from you other regions?  Australia and New Zealand?  Where are y’all at?  I’ve been to your countries, so why come you ain’t done visited my site yet?  Russia, I know y’all love some SF and American materialism.  This site is right up your alley.  Japan? China? Indonesia and Micronesia? I’ve been all through your regions, so how do I get some hits from you folks?  Africa?  I’m missing a whole continent, a continent I have indeed touched.  Where’s my African American-SciFi fans?  Greenland?  You’re so huge and pristine up there.  I must have you!

I love the colors on my map thus far, BUT I NEED MORE COLORS.  That’s all I’m sayin’.  🙂